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Resolve "Helper VI Incoming Error Handling with V2.0.4.1"

Administrator requested to merge 24-error-handling-of-helper-vis into develop

Fix for issue #24 (closed)

This code and should test and implement the following error handling strategy when the Logger is not initialized:

If there is no input error

  • All helper VIs (DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, CRITICAL, ERROR) will output the "logger not initialized" error

If there is an input error

  • DEBUG, INFO and WARNING will output a duplicate of the input error (i.e. input-error passthrough)
  • CRITICAL, ERROR will output a "logger not initialized error"

I decided that the CRITICAL and ERROR helper VI's should still report if the logger is not initialized even though they would only log if they have an error at their input - this might need reviewing but it feels right to me.

I have also wrapped the often duplicated "logger not initialized" error ring into a "constant" vi which preserves the correct error-callchain info.


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