Reuse Libraries

The hse-libraries are a collection of useful VIs developed over the years for and within our real-life projects.


Templates and example codes for DQMH (the Delacor Queued Message Handler, see


Various re-use libraries and drivers.


An open-source communication driver for talking to Siemens S7 PLCs via TCP/IP implemented in plain LabVIEW TCP/IP primitives.

Wenglor weCat3D for LabVIEW™

Plain ethernet communication via EthernetScanner DLL/Shared Library with WENGLOR MLSL sensors for Windows and NI Linux Real-Time.


Dokuwiki Plugins for displaying gitlab issues and gitlab tags.

Open Project API for NI LabVIEW™

API and demo application for OpenProject (

Dokuwiki Platform

Dokuwiki is our web-based collaboration platform for knowledge sharing and process management.
We also use it to manage our software releases through our Release Automation Toolchain.

The LabVIEW ecosystem is home to a broad range of high-profile developers, and we’re extremely fortunate to call many of them our friends. The amount of knowledge and experience to be found in this world-wide community is tremendous, and the readiness for sharing is second to none.

We try to contribute and give back by sharing knowledge on our Dokuwiki platform at and source code at our GitLab repositories at