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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • Bug
    Open Source
    Shortcomings and errors without critical impact
  • Critical Bug
    Open Source
    This bug can cause serious harm and its solution takes precedence over everything else
  • Doing
    Open Source
    (Kanban) Assignee is currently working on this issue
  • dokuwiki
    Open Source
    Marks an issue that has been created through the Dokuwiki via the API
  • external
    Open Source
    Marks that an issue can be shown in Dokuwiki
  • Feature
    Open Source
    New function or improvement
  • Improvement
    Open Source
    Changes to an existing feature that make things better
  • Pair Programming
    Open Source
    Issues for group programming
  • Suggestion
    Open Source
    Idea which needs more discussion (or for which there is currently no time)
  • Test/Commissioning
    Open Source
    Making things work eventually...
  • To Do
    Open Source
    (Kanban) Issue has been selected/assigned for timely execution
  • Waiting for input
    Open Source
    somebody needs to provide more details for this to move forward