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Add "Unapprove Merge Request" & "List Merge Requests" to API

New features:

  1. Unapprove Single Merge Request -> GitLab docs
  2. List Merge Requests -> GitLab docs

What else has been done:

  • two existing files "downgraded" from LV2020 to LV 2016
  • VI Package Build Spec updated to include the new API calls
  • Examples added for new API calls

What else?

  1. I could not build the source distribution in LV 2016 because it crashes immediately after exporting the first file. Using LV 2021 seems to work though. Maybe you should check this on your side.
  2. The List Merge Requests API call got the full blown type defs for input and output data as the prefered solution (see #15)
Edited by Jens Schiller

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