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Feature/extend merge request functions

New features:

  1. Approve Single Merge Request -> GitLab docs
  2. Create Merge Request Level Rule -> GitLab docs
  3. Create Merge Request Level Thread -> GitLab docs

What else has been done:

  • examples for each new request added
  • new requests added to palette
  • existing "List Merge Request" move to new subgroup called "Merge Request"
  • VI documentation added
  • VI icons added

What else?

  1. I tried to follow the style of the existing VIs as good as possible but there might be things like the "Body output" that are not a 100% necessary.
  2. I could not test all of the possible parameters in every constellation especially for the "Create Merge Request Level". This would have been a lot of work ;)
  3. The "Remove Empty JSON" might not be a 100% bulletproof to every possible JSON string it might get. I tested it with the output of both the JKI "Variant To JSON" (pretty printed JSON) and the "NI Flatten to JSON" (single line JSON). As long as you only pass clusters with strings and/or arrays of strings it's working fine.
Edited by Jens Schiller

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