Templates and example codes for DQMH (the Delacor Queued Message Handler, see https://delacor.com/dqmh/).

HSE Reuse Libraries

The HSE Reuse Libraries are a collection of useful VIs and modules developed over the years for and within our real-life projects.


Various re-use libraries and drivers.

GitLab API for LabVIEW™

A collection of LabVIEW VIs for facilitating GitLab's API, including projects, issues and CI.


An open-source communication driver for talking to Siemens S7 PLCs via TCP/IP implemented in plain LabVIEW TCP/IP primitives.

Toggl API for LabVIEW™

API and demo for accessing Toggl's API from NI LabVIEW(tm)

Wenglor weCat3D for LabVIEW™

Plain ethernet communication via EthernetScanner DLL/Shared Library with WENGLOR MLSL sensors for Windows and NI Linux Real-Time.

Open Project API for NI LabVIEW™

API and demo application for accessing OpenProject data (www.openproject.org).

NI Discovery Protocol API for LabVIEW

A collection of VIs recreating the NI Discovery Protocol communication via plain UDP.


Tools and modules that are too good to give away for free!

Release Automation Tools for server-side automation of processes via CI/CD. Support for automatically translating LabVIEW front panels, user management and access control, extensions for our hse-logger for rotating log files and logging to databases, DQMH modules for graphical configuration management and solutions for binding applications to dedicated hardware and issuing licenses.

» Commercial Tools and Libraries

Dokuwiki Platform

Dokuwiki is our web-based collaboration platform for knowledge sharing and process management.
We also use it to manage our software releases through our Release Automation Toolchain.

The LabVIEW ecosystem is home to a broad range of high-profile developers, and we’re extremely fortunate to call many of them our friends. The amount of knowledge and experience to be found in this world-wide community is tremendous, and the readiness for sharing is second to none.

We try to contribute and give back by sharing knowledge on our Dokuwiki platform at https://dokuwiki.hampel-soft.com and source code at our GitLab repositories at https://gitlab.com/hampel-soft/.